Chanel Earbud Charms

One thing I've learned pretty much early on in life is that you can take the girl out of luxury fashion, but you'll never take the luxury fashion out of her. Case in point: Chanel's latest accessory - earbud charms. Yep, these are...
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Saint Laurent Banner

Style Notes: The Wide-Brimmed Hat

Lately, I've had an unexplainable obsession with wide-brimmed hats (by wide, I refer to hats with a brim width of 3.5inches or more). I could credit this to Saint Laurent for reviving the '70s style or maybe even Pharrell Williams' for...
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Honeymoon by Lucy Folk

I chanced across Australian accessories and jewellery label, Lucy Folk, back when I was still living in Melbourne - and I've been in love with her ornamental offerings ever since. If you surf onto the Lucy Folk site, you'll be met with...
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