Christopher Kane for NARS

To say that 2007 was a good year for Christopher Kane would be an understatement. Yes, it was the year that his London studio was robbed just before he showed his Spring/Summer 2008 collection. But it was also the same year that he became known in the fashion industry as the champion and main contributor to the fluoro trend, collaborated with Beth Ditto for Swarovski, and was awarded New Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Since then, Christopher Kane has steadfastly stayed a darling of London’s fashion set – and for good reason. He might have been involved with many of the biggest names around in the past eight years, but he’s always managed to remain true to his vision of the Christopher Kane woman. Who is she? That cool girl who caught your eye on a busy street, but she’s cool not from trying, she just is.

“NARS has the same bold and creative aesthetic that is signature to the brand and I’m excited to share what we’ve created together.”

– Christopher Kane

I’ve personally been an early fan of Kane since 2007 – a true Kane fan would never forget embracing the Nu Rave trend wholeheartedly back then – so imagine my delight when I heard from the grapevine that he was collaborating with one of my favourite beauty brands, NARS, to create a full colour makeup collection. Even better was when I got up close and personal with the products and felt my toes curl (in excitement) while I got to dip my fingers into the collection that carried Kane’s signature colour palettes: bold neon, classic neutral and futuristic iridescence. My personal favourites include the Starscape blush, Mezmer lip gloss and Outer Limits single eyeshadow – all of which might seem shockingly in-your-face but are in actual fact very easy to wear, even when worn together. Looking at the collection, I can see the endless possibilities of looks all makeup junkies can experiment with.

I’m surprised that it took this long for NARS and Christopher Kane to finally collaborate, but as they say, good things are always worth the wait. I fondly remember the House of Holland slogan tee that brazenly said: “Cum Again Christopher Kane”, and with the arrival of this collab, I can only say: “Hear Hear!”.

The Christopher Kane for NARS Collection Stylized Product Shot - jpeg (1)The Christopher Kane for NARS collection will be available beginning June 2015 at NARS boutiques at TANGS Beauty, TANGS Orchard, Robinsons the Heeren, and Sephora ION Orchard.

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