Chanel Earbud Charms

One thing I’ve learned pretty much early on in life is that you can take the girl out of luxury fashion, but you’ll never take the luxury fashion out of her. Case in point: Chanel’s latest accessory – earbud charms. Yep, these are basically charms for your earphones, so you’d look like you’re wearing dramatic chandelier earrings. And boy, do I want them…

Late last year, Chanel introduced its very own quilted headphones that cost around the price of a small 2.55 and made Dr. Dre Beats headphones look like child’s play. Fast forward nine months later, and now you have an accessory for your accessory. Is there anything Karl Lagerfeld can’t do? I bet not.Chanel headphonesI lust over these earbud charms for three reasons: 1. I love accessories – especially when it involves facial accessorising (duh); 2. It’s Chanel (duh); and 3. Have you seen how fabulous they look?! They’ll make any outfit pop and certainly transform dreary white earphones (you got free with your phone) to look like a million bucks. Also, this is the answer to the prayers of those not daring enough to pierce their ears – finally, you’ll no longer be left out of the fab earrings department.

Currently, there’s no word on the damage these earbud charms would do to your bank account yet. But I think they’re worth every penny spent, and I’m definitely looking forward to what other designs these charms will come in. Here’s to praying that these charms become a mainstay every season. Off to my wishlist you go.

Available in Chanel boutiques from July.

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