Apple Watch

I clearly remember the early days of my publishing career and worked as a writer at a local watch magazine. At my first solo interview with a luxury watch brand CEO, he observed that I didn’t wear a watch and I committed the biggest faux pas by telling him point-blank, “I don’t like watches.” Foot. In. Mouth. Sometimes, I just don’t think before I speak. My colleague was mortified. The brand PR person was mortified. And after much awkward silence, I’ve since been known as the watch writer who hates watches. #Irony

Anyway fast forward a decade later, I wouldn’t call myself a watch aficionado and the only watch I’ve put on every day for the past three years is a family heirloom, a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual that was passed down from my grandmother. I wear it for sentimental value and aesthetic reasons – it does look very chic (even if I don’t really use the word chic). So what made me swap out my Rolex for the Apple Watch?

Simply put: erm, have you seen the Apple Watch yet? I mean, excuse me, but it’s *bleeping* beautiful. When Apple first gave us a glimpse of the watch last year, I knew there and then that I wanted it – as bad as I want Theo James (back then, it was still Ryan Gosling). It sucked real bad that we had to wait months while other parts of the world got to slap it on their wrists first, but man, aren’t we all glad the time has come? Mark your calendars for 26 June, because it is the day that us Singaporeans (who aren’t as resourceful as those who bought them from overseas or forced friends from abroad to bring it home for them like a Chanel 2.55) will finally be able to touch, feel, wear and do whatever you want with the Apple Watch.

So aside from aesthetics, what else is bangin’ about the Apple Watch? Firstly, it’s pretty much your phone in watch format – everything you can do with your phone, you can also do with the Apple Watch, especially when WatchOS2 releases this Fall. There’s also a very cool function exclusive to the Apple Watch, called the Digital Touch, where you can send personal messages in the form of sketches to your fellow Apple Watch-wearing friends (the cool ones, heh), even tap patterns that they’ll feel on their wrists, and your very own heartbeat. For someone who’s always on the go and rushing from meeting to meeting, I am glad for Siri on the Apple Watch – she sets reminders for me, sends messages to my friends, and even opens apps on command. It’s awesome that you no longer have to search your bag for your phone just to take note of stuff, just talk into the watch. Last but not least, there’s the health and fitness function that I’m starting to really get the hang of and dependent on. It tracks all my movements and nudges me every few hours to stand up and encourages me to get my butt moving. It also records in detail any workout regime I partake in, so I can keep track of my progress and work towards that bikini bod I’ve been talking about summer after summer. Last but not least, I have to repeat myself: the Apple Watch is one good lookin’ bugger. Now’s where you stop reading and start pre-ordering the Apple Watch – ‘cos you snooze, you lose.


Apple Watch will be available on Friday, 26 June in Singapore from the Apple Online Store (, at Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorised Resellers.


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